Reputation Repair You Can Do Yourself

With the growing popularity of the internet and social media, it’s not hard to see that everything we do online, particularly political candidates, will be cataloged and saved until we take steps to take back our online reputation from the randomization of a search engine.  Have you ever applied for a job or attempted to land a new client, or ran for congress and they never gave you a call back despite your excellent resume’ and recommendations?  Have you ever had to have an awkward conversation with a family member because of something that they have seen online that you would have rather stayed buried in your past forever?  Haven’t we all.  Just a few years ago it didn’t really matter what the internet said about you because not very many people knew how to look for information.  Since search engines have gained popularity and over 90 percent of people say that they use search engines to find anything they want, it makes since that the problem of past indiscretions being saved indefinitely would become a problem.

Do it yourself online reputation repair

There are steps that you can take on your own to begin to repair any sort of negative images that pop up in an initial Google search.  To begin your self repair, pick your favorite search engine and simply type in your name and see what comes up.  Sometimes, a person with the same name as you will be the first thing that pops up.  If there isn’t any negativity then you may not want to worry about it, just update your social media accounts more often and your name will begin to be at the forefront of the searches. On the other hand, if the person that has the same name as you is a troublemaker, you may need to quickly begin damage control.

A good way to start damage control on your own is to beef up your own positive profiles and websites.  Search engines are becoming more sophisticated with every software update and therefore, they are getting better at giving the newest, most relevant information first.  One of the factors that search engines consider is the frequency of your updates and the content you provide to your users on your website or other personal pages.  Providing up to date information and regular updates will not only knock the negative things off of the first page of search results but it will also give whoever is searching for you current and up to date information about you, what you are trying to accomplish and how you plan on going about doing that.

After you begin to start and complete your online profiles, it may be a good idea to hire a reputation repair company, depending on the severity of the situation.  Most reputation repair companies are qualified to help you squash any negative press and they can also give you valuable tips on how to optimize your personal sites to make them appear at the top of your search engine results.  Not everyone needs a company to help them with their online appearance, if you can do it yourself you will be saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars a month in damage control costs, but if the damage is severe enough, a reputation repair software or company may be an excellent investment.

It can be unfair that this information lingers around long after it is relevant or because one customer was unsatisfied and they gave you a bad review, you’re stuck with it forever and there’s nothing you can do but earn enough good reviews to counter the bad.  A reputation repair company can help with this.  They can help you get the reviews you need to put any bad press to rest, once and for all.

Whether you decide that you can do it on your own or you decide to hire a reputation repair consulting firm, taking back your good name online is important.  In many cases potential employers and clients will perform a quick internet search of your name before they make any decisions and bad search results can haunt you unless you take matters into your own hands now and make your reputation what it should be.

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