Obamacare Press Release

As Supreme Court Hears Obamacare Arguments Dieterich Asks Tonko to Answer for His Promises: March 26th, 2012


Albany, New York – With the Supreme Court poised to hear Obamacare arguments today, businesses, governments and everyday New Yorkers throughout the Capital Region are hoping for a reversal of this poorly conceived legislation. That’s why Bob Dieterich, candidate for the 20th Congressional District, asked Congressman Paul Tonko to answer for his promises.

“Life-long politicians like Paul Tonko are great at making promises, the problem is they rarely answer for them,” said Dieterich.  ”Today, as the Supreme Court hears arguments that will determine the fate of Obamacare, I am asking Congressman Tonko to answer for his empty promises.”

Promise One “Keep your hands off my Medicare!”

Dieterich said, “When Obamacare passed Paul Tonko demanded that lawmakers ‘Keep your hands off my Medicare!,’ yet according to the Congressional Budget Office, Obamacare is paid for with $500 billion in Medicare taxes and spending reductions.”

Promise Two:  “We also need reforms that will reduce the growth of health care costs for businesses, governments, and everyday Americans.”

The Kaiser Family Foundation found that in 2011 the average health-care premium climbed from $13,770 to $15,073, which amounts to a 9 percent increase.

In addition, according to the latest small business survey by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 74 percent of small businesses say the law makes it more difficult for them to hire. Thirty-six percent say uncertainty out of Washington is one of the two biggest reasons why they’re not hiring. Thirty percent say the mandates in the law are a reason they’re not hiring.

The new law also hurts our economy by imposing $500 billion in new taxes, including a new, direct increase on innovative employers in the medical device industry.

Dieterich said, “Paul Tonko promised reforms that would reduce health care costs, yet by every measure they are up and in particular hurting local growing medical device manufacturers like AngioDynamics.”

Promise Three: “Health care reform gave young adults a whole new insurance option – the choice to stay on their parents’ insurance plan until their 26th birthday.” 

Dieterich said, “This was simply a bogus claim, in fact New York State law already allows dependent children to stay on their parents plan through the age of 29. Like a typical career politician, Paul Tonko is taking credit for something New York State has already decided.”

Concluded Dieterich, “Paul Tonko, it’s time to answer for your promises, the people of the 20th Congressional District are waiting.”

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