Dieterich On the Issues

Economy, Spending and Jobs:

As the CFO for a well-respected community bank and the area’s 2011 “CFO of the Year,” Bob understands that we cannot tax and spend our way out of this “Great Recession.” For too long, our federal government has spent money it did not have for programs that we did not need. Legacy entitlements, wasteful spending, poor Congressional oversight and the interest payments on a $15.7 trillion national debt will have a devastating impact on our children and future generations if we do not take immediate action. Bob is running for Congress to serve as “America’s CFO” and bring our spending in line with federal revenue, forcing Washington to live within its means, just as we do! The reckless fiscal decisions of our nation’s leaders now threatens to leave a weakened America to our children. Bob Dieterich will not allow that to happen. In Washington, he will promote bi-partisan solutions to the most pressing issue facing our generation—our nation’s bloated budget—and create the conditions necessary to grow our economy and add jobs!


Taxes are the price we, as citizens, pay for the services we receive from our local, state and federal governments. Every citizen and business—regardless of size—should be expected to make a fair and just contribution to our nation’s Treasury to support vital programs and services including our national defense. However, every citizen and business-owner should be able to calculate that contribution easily and with certainty. Our nation’s tax code needs to be revamped and simplified so that everyone understands what his/her individual tax burden will be. This would eliminate the uncertainty we continually face when Congress debates the sunset of various tax cuts and write-offs and help unleash the power of entrepreneurs who spend valuable time and money trying to decipher the tax code and avoid unwarranted audits. Bob believes that we are all in this together and that the tax code must treat all individuals and businesses fairly.

Health Care Reform:

The Affordable Care Act of 2010 was sold to the American people as desperately needed legislation which would reduce the cost of health care and expand insurance coverage to millions of uninsured residents. As we now know, the cost of health insurance has only become more expensive as a result of this unworkable and wildly expensive legislation. The independent Congressional Budget Office now estimates that the ACA will cost twice what was originally anticipated upon its passage in part due to the expansion of various government agencies to administer programs created by the bill and ensure compliance with hundreds of new regulations. Clearly, this was not the kind of health care reform our country needs. Bob supports private market solutions to reduce the cost and improve the quality of health care. He advocates tort reform to lower the cost of practicing medicine and encourages states to be the independent laboratories our Founders intended them to be, experimenting with reforms and protocols which would ensure expanded access to health care at lower cost without bankrupting the country.

National Security:

Protecting our nation’s citizenry is the primary role of our federal government. To that end, we need to ensure that our military and intelligence agencies have the resources they need to accomplish their respective missions. While Bob understands that our defense budget can and must be trimmed to meet economic realities, he supports increased funding for intelligence, special operations and counter-terrorism operations. As we reduce the size of our active duty military, Bob supports maintaining a strong, well-trained Guard and Reserve force that can be called into action in the event of an attack on our sovereignty.

Veterans Affairs:

We continue to be the land of the free and the home of the brave thanks to the sacrifices of our veterans and their families. As a nation, we must recognize their efforts and ensure that their post-service health care, education, job training and re-integration needs are met. As Congressman, Bob will work with his colleagues to streamline the benefits application process through the Veterans Administration and improve the quality and breadth of care received at V.A. Hospitals.


America is a land of immigrants and must continue to attract the best and brightest from around the world to live and work in this country. For that reason, Bob is a staunch supporter of legal immigration. Before voting for any programs which create a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, the borders must be secure. This is a matter of our nation’s security and must be addressed first by increasing the number of Customs and Border Patrol agents and providing them with the tools necessary to protect the borders. States must be given some flexibility to address illegal immigration within their states when crime rates affect local communities. And finally, guest worker programs should be streamlined making it easier for guest workers to be identified, screened and returned to their home countries upon the expiration of their permit.


America is blessed with tremendous natural resources which would allow us to dramatically reduce our dependence on foreign oil and increase jobs if we would only capitalize on what is available to us. While we must continue to make progress in renewable energy production, we should be supplementing these efforts by increasing domestic oil and natural gas production in environmentally safe ways. Bob believes that such a common-sense approach can lower energy costs for seniors, families, farmers and small businesses and done in a way that safeguards our air, soil and water. Domestic energy production and environmentalism need not be mutually exclusive and Bob will work with both sides of the aisle in Washington to strike the balance necessary to grow our economy, create jobs and protect the environment.


The education of our young people was not addressed in the Constitution because our Founders rightly believed that such decisions were best made at the local level. Bob supports state and local control over education while ensuring that parents have the ultimate responsibility to promote the education of their children. He supports school choice and fewer restrictions on home schooling. On federal funding issues, Bob will not allow taxpayer dollars to be used to support a bloated administration but only to support the direct education of America’s children, particularly those in underprivileged neighborhoods where those funds are needed most.