Dieterich Distinguishes Himself From Tonko in NY 20 Congressional Race

By Amy Standaert – May 2, 2012

Rep. Paul Tonko has represented the people in New York’s 21st congressional district since 2009 but will, if re-elected, be the representative for NY’s new 20th congressional district. That is, however, if he is not defeated by challenger Bob Dieterich of Scotia.

In his first radio interview of his candidacy with TALK 1300 AM radio host Melody Burns, Dieterich clearly defined the differences between him and Tonko and why he should be NY 20’s new Congressman. As the CFO of  a local community bank, Dieterich discusses his financial expertise that he knows will help to solve the country’s financial problems. This expertise demonstrates stark differences between him and Tonko.

Tonko has voted consistently with programs that have only added to the national debt and deficit while Dieterich explains how this spending is forecast to be dangerous to our national health.  Dieterich states that we need to “stop with the band-aids” when it comes to our fiscal situation and “prepare ahead of time”  something which 40 years of political experience has not been done with Tonko.

Bob Dieterich has never held office before and views that as a strength. With his experience in the private sector, working his way up from bank teller to CFO, he is confident he can identify problems, address them  get the results by fixing them. Dieterich believes he can bring leadership to Washington DC and stated that he is “running to fix things” and then will “go home.”

Tonko has served in public office since 1983; Dieterich, if successful, has a self-imposed term limit of 6 years.

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