Chamber of Commerce Press Release

Chamber Gives Tonko a Measly Score of 17 out of 100: April 11th, 2012


Scotia, NY –  The U.S. Chamber of Commerce released its annual scorecard on how members of Congress voted on key business issues. Congress passed a number of pro-business bills in 2011, the most significant of which were free trade agreements with Panama, Colombia, and South Korea.  It passed patent reform and eased burdens on small business by repealing the 3% tax withholding mandate, as well as a measure requiring burdensome data collection and IRS information filing. Congress also failed to complete action on a number of bills that would have helped spark economic growth and job creation.  The Chamber chose 11 Senate votes and 16 House votes on which to grade lawmakers. For a vote to be featured in How They Voted, it must meet three criteria: first, it must be a recorded floor vote; second, the Chamber’s board of directors must have a clear policy on the issue; and third, the Chamber must have communicated its position on the issue to Congress.

“I am literally puzzled at how Paul Tonko can publically call on congress to focus on jobs, yet, when job spurring and economic growth policy to support small business is voted on in Congress, Tonko looks the other way.  Capital Region businesses deserve better”, said Dietrich.

“Small business is the economic engine that fuels America.  As CFO of a community bank, I have helped create jobs and understand the burdensome regulations imposed by the federal government on small business.  I am calling on Paul Tonko to explain his lack of support for small business job growth.  A rating score of 17 out of 100 is very disturbing”, added Dieterich.

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