What Happens if I have a Medical Problem Overseas?

Getting sick or injured is never fun, but if a medical problem happens while you are in your home country, it is far easier to deal with than it would be if you were abroad. A medical issue overseas is not only inconvenient; it can also be downright scary.

Of course, nobody plans to get sick or suffer an injury while they are traveling, and hopefully a medical issue while abroad is an experience that you will never have; however, health related emergencies can arise at any time, and they can happen whether you are prepared for them or not.

In order to reduce the inconvenience and the stress that a medical problem abroad can cause, it’s important that you are fully prepared for the unexpected to occur. In the event that the unexpected does happen, you will be glad that you are prepared.

As an experienced traveler myself, I have dealt with medical issues while overseas, and I know full well what a hassle such a situation can be. That’s why I want to share my insight on how to handle a medical problem while you are abroad so that when and if an emergency arises, you will know how to handle it.

Speak to Your Health Insurance Provider

It’s important to know whether or not your health insurance provider will cover any medical expenses that you may incur while you are overseas. Some providers do offer coverage while traveling abroad; however, that coverage will likely be limited. For example, most providers won’t cover the cost of a medical evacuation.

Make sure you speak to your health insurance carrier before you travel so you can find out what it covers, if anything at all. If you are covered while overseas, make sure that you have your health insurance card and a claim form with you while you are traveling.

Invest in Travel Insurance

Medical expenses abroad can lead to financial turmoil. If your health insurance provider doesn’t offer coverage while you are overseas, or if it only offers limited coverage, you should seriously consider investing in a travel insurance policy. While you will have to pay a fee for this insurance, trust me, that fee will be far less than the cost of any medical expenses that you may incur while you are traveling abroad.

Most travel insurance policies, even the most basic, will reimburse you for the cost of medical related issues. Generally, medical expenses are covered up to a specific amount, and a medical evacuation (you have to be evacuated from the area you are traveling to because of an emergency medical situation arose,) will reimburse you a specific amount of money. If you have a pre-existing condition, however, you may need to buy extra coverage.

How much can you expect to pay for travel medical insurance? That depends on the package that you purchase, the cost of your trip, where you are traveling to and other factors, such as your age. A comprehensive travel insurance policy that covers medical costs, as well as trip cancellation and interruption and travel delay, for example, will usually cost between 4 to 8 percent of the total cost of your trip.

Make sure that you purchase your travel insurance policy from a reputable third-party agency. In the event that a medical emergency does arise, you want to make sure that you can rely on the coverage that your agency provides.

Make Sure You are Prepared

Prepare yourself for a medical emergency before you travel. Hopefully you won’t ever experience a medical issue while you are overseas, but if you do, you’ll be glad that you are prepared for it.

Some important medical emergency tips to keep in mind include:

  • Have an emergency contact listed on the inside of your passport. Choose a trusted individual and include his or her name and phone number. Should an issue arise, health professionals will be able to contact the person to make them aware of your situation.
  • If you have a pre-existing medical condition, make sure you get a letter from your physician that describes, in detail, the condition and any medications that you may be taking. Carry the letter with you in a safe, but easily accessible place, while you are traveling.
  • Do some research to find out about any diseases or other health issues that are common to the country you will be traveling to. Also, find out what vaccines are required or recommended and make sure that you get those vaccinations at least 6 weeks prior to your departure.

If you do get sick or suffer an injury while you are overseas, make sure you seek medical care. If it is a true emergency, you may need to visit the ER of an international ER. If you don’t need emergency treatment, contact the US embassy; they will provide you with a list of medical facilities and doctors who can treat you.

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Make Your Pool Table More Fun By Including Add-Ons

People of all ages enjoy playing pool games because of the high entertainment factor associated with it. One can usually spot a pool table at a bar or a pub but these days homeowners are purchasing these for their homes since they are so much fun. After the game has been set up and relevant add-ons have been added to provide the mood and ambiance, you will have tremendous fun playing the game.

Generally, we think that in order to play a game of pool we only require cues and balls but it isn’t so and by using a few other accessories the game would become much more convenient and fun to play. Due to frequent usage, pool cues can become dull and at times broken too and therefore it is a good idea to store up on cue tips so that you can get easy access to these whenever you need them.

Pool cues are extremely important – without them it would be useless to have a pool table. So in order to protect these from damage one must use a pool rack. You might think that a pool rack is a waste of money and that you can simply lean these cues against a wall and store them like that or maybe store them together with other things, but remember that if you are not careful when these are stored like that then you might end up breaking them too, so it is best to use a pool rack.

Pool racks are more economical options, but if you want something more ‘high end’ then you may go for cue cases. This kind of storage option is usually utilized by professional pool players or those who have a serious passion for the game. However for others this may be something which isn’t necessarily needed for their pool table because of their luxurious nature. If you happen to have a billiards room and a pool table then you should get the lights fixed around the table so that you can illuminate it well. Both contemporary and traditional options are suitable for lighting the table, but fixtures that cast shadows and do not spread the light evenly are a huge no-no. Your best bet would be to go for light fixtures which consist of three separate lights.

Alcoholic drinks and pool games are a deadly combination because at times things can get out of hand and mishaps may happen. In such a situation, the worst sufferers would be the light fixtures. Therefore, keeping this fact in mind you should use only those fixtures which are made out of metal or stainless steel because these are highly durable and more tolerant towards rough handling and ‘attacks’. Don’t go for light flickers and use light fixtures made from metals instead because the latter aren’t tacky looking.

To help the players keep track of their scores, a board with chalks or markers is recommended. When purchasing such a kit, get the one which comes with a pool cue chalk because it is very useful. Additionally, you can also purchase non-standard sticks which can be used for making difficult shots. These should definitely be included when you are buying accessories for your pool table. A pool table is not as light as a feather and nor are some of the pool accessories, therefore if you can have these delivered and installed for you free of cost after you have made the purchase then it would be beneficial for you.

It is also advisable to not treat the installation process as a DIY process because there are chances that you might not end up doing a good job of it. Hence you should rely on professionals for durable and secure set-up of such tables.

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Hostels – The Premium Living Space for Better Accommodation

Planning to go out on holidays? Or love working in a hostel? For both the options, the hostels can be the best living accommodation for you and for your family as well. It is the cheapest space to live in. are you planning to live in a hostel with kids? If yes, then you have made a right decision. Hostels are known as the social place where different people come to live for longer or shorter time. They can help your kids in exploring and discovery different cultures, traditions and languages. The kids are the luckiest people who enjoy living in such an accommodation largely. They can hang out and talk to different people, can enjoy hostels fun activities and more. No parent can deny to the fact that they and their kids both enjoy living in fun accommodations like hostels every time. It is true; one can never get bored of this space, as it involves huge number of people who all have come to this living space from different places.

However there are several things that one should not take along if they are planning to live in hostels with their kids, solely or with family. Avoid bring an oversized suitcase, giant towels, toiletries, detergent or liquid based things, cameras, bedding, laptops, and other bulky items. Staying in an accommodation like hostel can be sometimes handy and sometime tricky as well. Definitely you will experience different cultures and traditions, meet new people but this can be difficult for people who love to live alone and don’t like getting disturbed every minute. The first experience can be bit daunting as some people think that they are similar to home shelters, but they are not. No matter they are cheap, but what if you don’t find things which are even worth of your paid money.

One must research well before stepping in hostels so that they don’t come out as a survivor of own trip. However working in hostels can also be much fun. If you are the one who like to stay around people and discover new things daily, then working in any hostel accommodation can be the suitable position for you. You can find and research well about different hostels in your city, can contact them for available positions or navigate the web pages of jobs portal. Even if you are paid less, you don’t have to use your brain for working there. You can work there as part time as well that can help you earn at least little amount. You can even choose a night shift or day shift, whichever suits. However there are several demerits of working in such hostels as well. It does not hold a good scope in nearest future. The payments are in peas. You have to work at least 8 hours to get that small amount. All you have to do is serve people through the whole day or night. The personal life of such people usually ends while working in hostels.

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MAC OS: Powerful Telemarketing Software

MAC OS: Powerful Telemarketing Software

 In the past few years, the Apple brand has soared to new heights of popularity. This company is likely better known for its mobile devices, but their computers are rapidly gaining popularity. Many computer experts recommend the Mac operating system, since it can offer a level of security and comfort, which isn’t available with Microsoft’s Windows OS. Of course, there are many Windows programs, which aren’t available on a Mac computer. When it comes to telemarketing software for Mac, you will find they are few and far in between. Therefore, you will want to read below to find out about the best Mac software for telemarketing.

What to Look For

 When attempting to find telemarketing software, which is compatible with the MAC operating system, there are numerous things that you should look for. Remember that you want to be able to use software, which is straightforward and simple. If the software is complicated and difficult to comprehend, it is likely that your agents will have a more difficult time figuring it out, which can lead to problems. Of course, some solutions offer a feature, which can help training your agents, which is definitely a plus.

Call Center Now

 Before you make your decision, it is highly recommend that you check out the Call Center Now software, which offers a range of impressive features to boost and enhance your telemarketing campaign. Of course, the software works in two different ways to provide you with better incoming and outgoing call management. With incoming calls, you will be able to create applications, which can automatically handle the call’s problem, by using an IVR system that is capable of accepting responses by voice of dual tone frequencies. On the other hand, the software is capable of managing outbound calls very effective, in order to ensure that you make more sales, while generating more leads.

Pre-Screening Incoming Calls

 With the powerful Call Center Now software, you will be able to create very effective applications, which rely on Interactive Voice Response. This type of setup can be very helpful for a range of different businesses, including collection agencies, banks, charities and other companies. By utilizing this feature, it is possible to allow customers to receive account information, without speaking to a live agent. On the other hand, this type of technology can improve the effectiveness and overall usefulness of your help desk or customer service department. It can automatically answer and greet customers, before passing them to the department, which will handle their specific issue.

Outbound Dialing

 The software is equally as impressive, when it comes to outbound dialing. The individual, who oversees the telemarketing campaign, will be able to look at reports from individual agents and campaigns. This will give them the ability to deactivate campaigns and potentially agents that are no longer effective. All in all, the software can deliver analytics like no other, which can be used to further improve the effectiveness of the overall campaign and increase monthly revenue.


 At the end of the day, the Mac OS may be lacking, when it comes to software, but not in the telemarketing department, thanks to the Call Center Now software.

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Dieterich Running Against Tonko

CBS 6 Albany – March 7, 2012

Bob Dieterich, a 43-year-old father of three with no political experience, has announced that he is running for Congress.

Dieterich is a top executive at 1st National Bank of Scotia and won the Business Review’s CFO of the Year Award last year.

He will run against incumbent Paul Tonko in the 21st District and says that he favors a bipartisan plan which would require Congress and the White House to cut their budgets by 15% and the federal workforce by 10%.

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Republican Dieterich announces candidacy

YNN – March 7, 2012

Republican Bob Dieterich announces his candidacy for the 21st Congressional District.

Dieterich is Senior Vice President and chief financial officer of a local community bank.
during his announcement Dieterich spoke about his concerns with the tax code and how he wants a new culture of leadership in Washington.

He also said if he is sent to congress he would repeal Obama Care.

“I do believe we need health care reform. I don’t believe that was the right one. I think there are a lot of issues with it and we need to fix it still,” said Dieterich.

The 21st Congressional District is currently held by democratic Congressman Paul Tonko.

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Candidate announces plans to take on Tonko

With family, friends and supporters on hand, First National Bank of Scotia Chief Financial Officer Bob Dieterich says he’s running for Congress.

“Today I announce my candidacy for Congressional District Number 21,” Dieterich declared.

Actually, under the latest but still not final version of new congressional districts, Dieterich is running for the 20th district — Albany, Schenectady, Troy and surrounding areas including southern Saratoga County. That’s the district where Paul Tonko is expected to run for reelection.

Not that Dieterich actually mentioned Tonko in the prepared announcement — instead running against the always unpopular Congress as a whole.

“I see a Congress where the priority seems to be tearing down the opposition rather than building the prosperity of the American people. I see people far more skilled at winning elections than at making the sound decisions this country needs so urgently,” he said.

We asked Dieterich is this is what he’s saying is wrong with Tonko?

“It appears that he’s a very nice man,” Dieterich answered. ” I think he’s made some very poor policy decisions and I think it mainly boils down to spending.”

Tonko was in Washington Wednesday. A campaign spokesman says he welcomes the opportunity to have a civil debate on how to better the country and the economy for the working class.

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Bob Dieterich speaks to the Upstate Conservative Coalition

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Obamacare Press Release

As Supreme Court Hears Obamacare Arguments Dieterich Asks Tonko to Answer for His Promises: March 26th, 2012


Albany, New York – With the Supreme Court poised to hear Obamacare arguments today, businesses, governments and everyday New Yorkers throughout the Capital Region are hoping for a reversal of this poorly conceived legislation. That’s why Bob Dieterich, candidate for the 20th Congressional District, asked Congressman Paul Tonko to answer for his promises.

“Life-long politicians like Paul Tonko are great at making promises, the problem is they rarely answer for them,” said Dieterich.  ”Today, as the Supreme Court hears arguments that will determine the fate of Obamacare, I am asking Congressman Tonko to answer for his empty promises.”

Promise One “Keep your hands off my Medicare!”

Dieterich said, “When Obamacare passed Paul Tonko demanded that lawmakers ‘Keep your hands off my Medicare!,’ yet according to the Congressional Budget Office, Obamacare is paid for with $500 billion in Medicare taxes and spending reductions.”

Promise Two:  “We also need reforms that will reduce the growth of health care costs for businesses, governments, and everyday Americans.”

The Kaiser Family Foundation found that in 2011 the average health-care premium climbed from $13,770 to $15,073, which amounts to a 9 percent increase.

In addition, according to the latest small business survey by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 74 percent of small businesses say the law makes it more difficult for them to hire. Thirty-six percent say uncertainty out of Washington is one of the two biggest reasons why they’re not hiring. Thirty percent say the mandates in the law are a reason they’re not hiring.

The new law also hurts our economy by imposing $500 billion in new taxes, including a new, direct increase on innovative employers in the medical device industry.

Dieterich said, “Paul Tonko promised reforms that would reduce health care costs, yet by every measure they are up and in particular hurting local growing medical device manufacturers like AngioDynamics.”

Promise Three: “Health care reform gave young adults a whole new insurance option – the choice to stay on their parents’ insurance plan until their 26th birthday.” 

Dieterich said, “This was simply a bogus claim, in fact New York State law already allows dependent children to stay on their parents plan through the age of 29. Like a typical career politician, Paul Tonko is taking credit for something New York State has already decided.”

Concluded Dieterich, “Paul Tonko, it’s time to answer for your promises, the people of the 20th Congressional District are waiting.”

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UCC Endorsement


ARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. – Ben Potiker, President of the Upstate Conservative Coalition of Saratoga Springs, announces the endorsement, by his organization, of Republican candidate Bob Dieterich for U.S. Congress in the NY 20th Congressional District.  Mr. Dieterich will face Democrat incumbent Paul Tonko  in the upcoming November 2012 election for the recently redrawn 20th district that will now encompass Albany, Schenectady, Saratoga Springs and half of Montgomery counties, a sliver of eastern Rensselaer County, including the city of Troy, as well as the Saratoga County towns of Stillwater, Halfmoon, Clifton Park, Malta, Ballston and Charlton.  .

“Mr. Dieterich has put together an impressive resume especially in the private financial sector including being named CFO of the Year in the under $20 million business category by the Capital District Business review in 2011,” Ben Potiker said. “His leadership and private sector experience is just what we need in Washington to get our country back on a proper financial footing.”

The Upstate Conservative Coalition was founded in January 2009 as a non-partisan grass roots organization whose mission is to promote the conservative principles set forth in the Constitution by the founding fathers.  The membership embraces the ideals of smaller government, lower taxes, personal responsibility, and the protection of individual rights and freedoms. The group engages in protest/support rallies, letter writing and phone call campaigns, and awards endorsements to local politicians through a formal vetting process.

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